Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last two weeks…
The kids started homeschool co-op.

fab four

You guys, where did my babies go???  *insert crying face emoji*

One of the assignments was to pick their own continent and country to research. Map it, find out what language they speak, what currency they use, what the population is. Find landmarks, bodies of water, etc.
It’s been fun and interesting. Kiah chose Europe/France,  Ava chose South America/Brazil, and Samuel chose Africa/Egypt.

kiah ava samuel

Dentist appointments.


Trying to get back into the habit of using my big camera at least once a day.
Cats are great subjects to practice on because they don’t move. We have a new kitty, Ginger. She’s a 4mo old Turkish Angora and absolutely adorable! You know James Bond, he’s 2yrs old now.
Kiah’s therapy/companion cat, Mitten Sparkles ran off a couple of months ago. You can probably imagine how rough that was. She’s been spotted a few times, but ran from us and hasn’t been spotted in about a week or so.
Ginger has really helped her cope with Mittens being gone.

ginger and sunlight james bond princess ginger

Samuel has been making his own books. I’ve got several of them around the house.

Snapseed (2)

Petshop play

petshop play



Visiting the new downtown library. Three floors of amazingness (I know that’s not a word, roll with it) a balcony – see a photo of that on my Instagram.

dayton metro library library steps library fun