Samuel woke up Wednesday morning asking how the sun can shine so bright on us if it’s so far away.
There are times when my kids ask me questions like that, and I want to make sure I give them the perfect and correct answer.  I explained that the earth was the 3rd planet from the sun…he asked how far that was and I told him about 93million miles. His response? Wide eyes accompanied by wooowww while looking out the bedroom window. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized he was happy with the answer I gave him.
That led to finding videos on Kids YouTube about the solar system.

This morning he woke up asking how telescopes work so we can see the moon. This kid. Once again, I did my best to explain…told him there was a mirror inside so we could see the planets and the moon. He was happy with that answer. He asked if we could use our telescope at dark to see the moon, and I promised him we would take it out over the next couple of days. Hopefully we’ll have a clear night.


Ava has been Skyping and playing Animal Jam with friends. The  other day I found her cleaning up her petshops and mini dolls. She said she wanted to organize them by shape and color.

She asked me if I went to college and I proudly said no. She said you can’t get a job if you don’t go to college, and I was more than happy to explain how untrue that statement was. She wanted to know why I didn’t go.
We talked about how I worked in the mall for a year or so, and the high school I went to was a co-op, and I took the nursing program there, so I learned medical terminology, bones, how to draw blood, vital signs. I volunteered in a hospital, and ended up working half days in my senior year, which then prepared me for taking Certified Nursing Assistant classes through a nursing home that I ended up working at for a year. Then I switched to Assisted Living for three years and ended up becoming a manager…she couldn’t believe that was possible without going to college.

We talked more about the different ways people can get a job without going to college and I explained that if I wanted to go back to school now, then I could. She was even more amazed at that possibility.
I also explained to her the work I’m doing now is completely self-taught. Writing my first e-book, getting the details sorted for launching a consulting business, being a virtual assistant.


Nakiah will ask a question after she has exhausted all of her resources and is sure she doesn’t know the answer.
She is back to watching videos of tsunami’s, shark,s earthquakes, and tornadoes. She knows that this area can get a lot of bad storms coming through and tornadoes are a possibility. She likes to be prepared for every situation at all times. I have the library on our list of activities for the month. I’m sure she’ll check out several books on weather.
I like how she’ll come to me for confirmation on what she’s seen in the videos or books. To me, some of those weather books can be kinda boring, but she loves it when I sit and read them with her. She wants to know about all the little facts with the tiny wording in the corner of the pages.

Going to start going through some science experiments I saved on Pinterest. I’m sure she’ll love them.

I’ve been getting back into knitting almost every day. The top is my Alluvial Plains Shawl.
The brown is a cowl I recently cast on. I was thinking of doing nothing but garter stitch, but that’s a little too boring.
Instead I’m thinking of knitting this Balancing Act Cowl since it’s been a few years. Easy, but not boring.

tableknitting castingon
I also joined Periscope, since I don’t have enough on my plate 😉
I’m MahoganyWayMama there. Did my first scope yesterday, but had to delete it because it my location was up and I don’t want that. I’ve always wanted to do some sort of podcast and I think periscope will perfect. It’s fun and fairly easy to use. I’ll probably hop on and do another one soon…you can see me and hear my voice! I’ll introduce myself, talk about some of the things I talk about in this space.
Last but not least, I started a new exercise routine yesterday.
I wanted to start on the 1st but it didn’t work out that way. It’s five different 30day challenges.
I’m doing Burpees, Lunges, Abs, Squats and Pushups. I was out of commission for a good 20mins after that workout yesterday, and today my legs are soooo sore!

I’ve cut back on my sugar intake and walk around the neighborhood in the evenings with the kids a few times a week.
I do want to lose weight, but that’s not my main reason for the changes, I don’t even own a scale. I go by the way I look and how my clothes fit. I thought raising kids would be easier as they get older, but that is not the case.
They’re always so full of energy and if I want to keep up with them…and I need to be as healthy as possible for myself and them, so I needed to make some lifestyle changes.

I can’t give you an update without including our furbaby. She greets me every morning by either sitting outside my door with her tail curled around her, or she finds me in the kitchen. Her favorite hang out spots are in the girls room and on my ottoman, which I call her throne.
She now has her own hashtag on instagram #MittenSparkles


So, there’s a 1000 words on what we’ve been up to this week.
How’s your week been?