Learning Tree Farm

Found the cutest little farm called Learning Tree Farm via Facebook last week.
I surprised the kids by taking them to one of their Saturday Family Fun Series.

We toured the barns, gardens,  made a firefly craft, ate smore’s, took a guided tour on a trail and learned more about the history of the farm, and caught fireflies once the sunset.


Samuel was mesmerized by the farm equipment. He made sure I took several action photos then proceeded to tell me which tractor his friend had and what it does.


We stopped to play in the 2nd  barn and check out the ponies and donkey’s.
This area was empty for very short periods of time, all the kids wanted to swing across the hay stacks.


Checked out the garden…
We had a high of 90 and it was still hot and humid well after 6pm, so that’s why Ava is carrying the umbrella.

IMG_3672 veggies onion

I was telling them about the grapevine we had in our backyard growing up.
We used to make homemade jam…fun times!
Samuel really wanted to taste one and he didn’t believe me when I said they weren’t ripe, so he had to touch and see for himself.


What’s a farm without a cat?


Playing while the sun set.

sunsethappiness fieldofdaisiesjpg

Kiah was beyond excited that we found a farm where she could hold a chicken again.
Look at her face…I love it!I have a feeling we’ll visit again for this reason.

futurevet agirlandachicken

The right way to eat a fire roasted marshmallow…


We had a really good time.


p.s. if you’re on instagram, I created a new hashtag, #loving_the_ordinary to celebrate the beautiful, fun, and challenging moments of our daily lives. hope you’ll join me!