Little Explorers

Its been a while since we visited Wegerzyn.
A children’s garden seems like the perfect place to hang out and explore when temps are in the 70’s.


I may not always feel like answering the hundreds of questions they ask me all day, every single day, but I hope they keep this curiosity and love of learning.
I really enjoy watching them go when we’re out and about, and listening to them talk. I should keep a journal of all the things they say.

wateringtheplants beeandsunflower

We’re soaking up these last bits of warm weather. Lately we’ve been in the 60’s and as long as the sun is out it feels great. Once it dips into the 50’s and it’s not as sunny, they won’t want to venture out for more than 30mins.
We haven’t been to any indoor museums yet. I saved those for the cooler months.

Checkers is a must whenever we visit.


Kiah couldn’t wait to get to the sand tables. She was really excited when everyone left so we could have the space to ourselves. We spent quite a bit of time playing and snacking in this spot.
Unstructured play is the best.

allthesand pinksand
Some days can be rough, and then there are days like this one. I capture moments like this, and smile no matter how many times I look at the picture.

Samuel says “mommy, I’m making ghost sand, watch!”


Pink textured flowers? This is the wallpaper on my phone now.

fuschiaflowers adorablecottage
I like to sit out of their way but close enough if they should need me.



Not even an hour later and they were ready to snack again…


Watching the clouds with a mouth full of grapes.


Ava saw me taking pictures of the flowers and asked if she could take one.


Ava’s photo. She also chose the edits for it.
She wanted to get the yellow bug, can you find it?


She gave the phone back to me and I turned around to this.


Then Samuel wanted to take a picture. Ava was more than happy to pose for him.


Then it was time to head home and cook dinner.