the little things

chopping tomatoes children-creating yarn run shabby chic ornaments little Christmas tree


Christmas is the busiest, craziest, most demanding time of the year.
I am determined not to turn into a mad woman.

So far this month I’ve been enjoying the little things….

Fresh cut tomatoes in my spaghetti…so yummy.

Being grateful for the moments when my children get along. Lately it seems like all they do is bicker. Growing pains? Sibling rivalry? Purposefully trying to drive me crazy?

I made a yarn run the other day but came out with the most adorable ornaments instead.
They were on sale at Joann Fabric for 60-70% off! I’ve shared it on instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and now I’m sharing it here. Go get some! It was so hard to walk out of that store with only six items.  I picked out ornaments for myself. the kids, and Mitten-Sparkles.I had a child in mind when I chose each ornament…I had one out of three right. Can you guess who chose which ornament?

The sixth item I walked out of the store with? That pretty red ribbon on our tree. I forgot how small this tree was. It was on a table last year so that made it look taller, but I thought it was fuller than it really is. Ah well, I looove our little tree! I wanted to make an advent calendar, but found this super cute Bears storybook calendar for 50% off in store at Barnes and Noble. I just love getting a good deal! The books double as ornaments…I couldn’t not get it, and its way cuter than anything I could make right now. The kids love it, and Samuel wants to put all the books on the tree now. He doesn’t understand why it’s only one at a time, and I probably confused him because we had to catch up.

We put all the decorations on the tree first and saved the advent books for last. I cuddled on the couch with the kids and each one of them had two books. I would read one and then they would add it to the tree. Add one more item to the Christmas traditions box.

This head cold virus is keeping us home-bound the majority of the time. I’m hoping this is the last week of it. We have a trip to Santa,  and I wanted them to see Holiday lights at the Botanical Gardens.  If I can’t afford the drive-thru lights show then I’ll gladly drive them into various neighborhoods so they can oohhh and aahhh over the Christmas decorations.