1. So, so frightening, yet so encouraging of a post! My Daniel was an asthma baby who made multiple visits to the ER. No fun. Thankfully, he never tested positive for any food allergies and he never needed an epipen. But I think I’ve told you that before. :)

    • Darcel

      I’m so glad we have an amazing team of doctors working with us now.
      Asthma is tough to deal with on its own, so I know how you felt constantly being in and out of the ER.

  2. HB

    Hi, I have been reading and keeping up with your blog. I’m so sorry all this is happening. My daughter has a peanut allergy, I know it can be frightening. Have you ever thought of maybe going the natural route? Like natural healers instead of the medicine? There is a website that I would like to offer you to read it called Living whole. The author is named Megan and she has a post on natural detox es foe children. Maybe that can help Samuel. This is just a suggestion. Take care:)

  3. That is interesting that he has so many allergies. Makes me wonder what some of us are allergic to and just don’t know it. It would probably be a good idea to get tested like this. Hopefully he is able to eat the smaller numbers for the rest of his life.
    Sarah Anderson recently posted…Allergy Skin TestsMy Profile

  4. My sister is gluten intolerant and I am allergic to cows milk. She thought she had it tough going out to eat until we went together. At one restaurant, she had quiet a number of items to choice from , I had one. Most places cater for gluten free diets now. Very few for milk or other allergies

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