Magical Childhood

Anyone who knows me fairly well knows that I am fiercely protective of my children’s childhood.

A couple of years ago I was doing a radio interview with a friend and the host asked me what was most important to me in homeschooling my children. My answer was making sure they enjoy their childhood and not academics.
I could tell by his silence that wasn’t the answer he was expecting.

Making sure my children have as magical a childhood as possible is one of my main goals.
It’s not about how much money we may or may not have or making pinterest worthy cupcakes.

Ava was on her way to ask me a question when she spotted this moth caterpillar at the park.

mothcaterpillar mothcaterpillar1 mothcaterpillar2

Kiah caught this crab on our beach trip yesterday. She came running down that beach with the biggest smile on her face, talking very loudly about the crab she caught and I had to come see it.
We took a few pics and observed him before releasing him back onto the beach.

thecrab shelltalk playcatch

I truly enjoy the quality time we spend together exploring and observing the world.

As long as my children are happy, healthy, and I continue to be intentional about creating a rich learning environment, they will continue to learn.

inthesand footprints

This is what childhood is about… the memories we’re making.
Doesn’t matter if it’s at the park, beach, museum, or at home watching Netflix or playing the Wii U.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve left a friend’s house or one of our other outings, and one or all of them will call it the best day ever.

I know when they’re older they will look back on their childhood and say that it was ah-mazing.