Merry Christmas

Nothing like your kids getting sick at Christmas to put things in perspective for ya.
I feel like an ungrateful brat after my last post. I’m feeling much better and have my priorities in place again.
There was a cold that spread from one to kid to the next in a matter of days, and it triggered a severe asthma attack in Ava. She had a short stay in the hospital and is much better now, all of them are.

I found this awesome idea on Pinterest, and am excited to do it with them next year.
Thinking we’ll use ornaments and do it along with our Advent calendar.



Like everyone else, we had last-minute shopping to do.


Followed by a day or two of relaxing at home.


Our mostly nightly reading of our Advent books… sometimes they would purposefully skip three days so they could all have a book to read and put on the tree.


Love this black and white of Samuel.
Shirt on backwards and that focused look on his face.


Last week I wasn’t sure if we would be able to continue our tradition of visiting Santa, but since everyone is almost back to 100% and Ava loudly reminded me that we had not been to see him yet, I decided to take them last night.
I was all set to tell him how good I’ve been this year…


One of my friends told me about this place about 30mins away. I didn’t have to pay ridiculous prices for Santa photos and could take several photos of my kids. All we had to do was pay a small donation.
I’ve avoided the malls and crowds for the last three years for several reasons. I prefer places like this one.

We drove through, looking at the pretty display of lights, then parked to check out the cabins and eventually make our way to see Santa.

So cute the way they always line up in birth order. I have so many photos of them standing like this.


It was raining, thunder and lighting by the time we arrived, but that didn’t slow them down at all.


I wanted to get more photos of the cabin since it was so cute, but it was kinda packed inside because of the rain.
The line moved quickly, everyone was friendly, and the fire was going so it was toasty inside.

We stopped at the store on the way because the kids wanted to give him candy canes.
Love this photo of them exchanging candy canes and the way Samuel is looking up at him.


Ava was so excited and nervous she could hardly look at him!
I understand…I’m the same way when I feel nervous.
Right here she was saying I want…


I love the pictures I took of all my kids, but I think Kiah’s is my favorite.
She was more excited than Ava and Samuel. The look of her face, that smile, love it!

They were having a good chat about what was on her list.


Had to get tiny stockings for James Bond and Mitten Sparkles to go along with ours…


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!