1. I have been so busy lately, I am just getting around the reading all of the letters etc attached to this situation. It has been circulating for a week now and it is interesting to say the least. I have many thoughts but I am still processing so I will reserve them all but this: As a “woman of color” and specifically a Black Woman I am always annoyed with the notion or idea that all “women of color” face the same challenges and have the same issues and can be lumped together into one category. We can’t be. The reality is the MOC Committee may be a great idea for “Midwives of Color” but not so great for BLACK Midwives. There is a difference. I dont know all of the details of this situation and I am sure much more will come… In the mean time… the fight continues.

  2. […] Black women usually feel more comfortable being in the care of someone they can relate to on many levels….and this is why we need more Black Midwives, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, and Lactation Consultants. We need parenting classes that are centered on the black community being taught by black men and women. We need groups like the Midwives Alliance of North America to recognize what a loss it is to the community to lose their entire board of Midwives of Color. […]

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