Mini Adventuring

How is it almost the middle of August!?

In the last seven days we’ve done a little mini adventuring.
It’s been really hot and humid during the day so I waited until late afternoon/early evening to get out.

The new library opened up and we each have a card…. it’s adorable and the staff is super friendly.
We came away with books on Lego building, dragons and fairies, science, and the alphabet.
I grabbed one for myself in case I’m able to squeeze in reading.

IMG_1346 (1) IMG_1347

A midday Starbucks run for me and then playing at one of our favorite parks for a couple of hours.

We were supposed to go home once we left the park, but I saw the sun setting and decided to pull over since the kids haven’t seen the bells at Carillon Historical Park yet.

IMG_1349 IMG_1278

At the beginning of the week we made an evening trip to our favorite trail.
We were hoping to spot an owl or two, but settled for the short walk to Patty Falls, back to the playground and creek area.

IMG_1325 (1)

IMG_1324 (1)


Samuel said he was bored…so I helped him get unbored by letting him use my big camera.
For some reason I’m having trouble getting the photos off my camera and that has me a little scared and annoyed.
But how cute is he?

IMG_1323 (1) IMG_1322

Ava made the “river” in this mound with her hands and water.


Once the sun went down by the playground we made the walk back down the trail to finish watching the sunset.

IMG_1339 IMG_1333 (1)

We also made the trip to Columbus to visit a friend in the hospital, and on our way back home I spotted this cute little square, so we stopped to check it out.
Definitely have to make a trip back there with plenty of time to explore.

IMG_1320 (1) IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336
Not the best photo of us, but I want them to look back and see me in the photos of our adventures.


Have you guys checked out the new instagram stories?
I LOVE them! It’s so great to have everything in one place, and I really enjoy getting a raw glimpse into your lives as well.
So far I’m using instastories to bring you guys along on our hikes and behind the scenes of our day-to-day.

Hope you all have had a great week!