1. I am happy to hear that she is enjoying experience. :) I am sure it was hard for you, but I am glad you are starting to adjust and have found ways to make the most out of it like enjoying a little more morning time with yourself.

    I also like the new style of the site. The flower header is very inviting.

    • Darcel

      Hey Latonya!

      Thank you. My plan was to change the header every month, but you know how plans change…

      It’s still hard for me, but seeing how happy she is makes me happy.
      Weekends are even more precious to me now, but I try to have one day where we “do nothing”

  2. Oh, I just love everything about this post. :) Your girl is growing up, and you are doing a fantastic job of being her momma. So hard letting them go. My Daniel will go off to college in Idaho next fall, so I’m enjoying every moment until then. He’s ready, almost, and I think I am, too. We’ll see. :) About early rising…I try to get up an hour before the rest of the household every single day in order to have quiet time for whatever. Planning, knitting, checking email and IG, Bible and prayer time, whatever. xoxo

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