Monday’s Adventure

a girl and her petshop

Pretty sure I’ve found my new happy place. Englewood Metropark.
This place is so beautiful and peaceful. A few weeks ago I said Hills and Dales was my new favorite, but I’m gonna have to take that back. Hills and Dales is really pretty and I love the log cabin looking shelters and swings, but there’s something about the simplicity of Englewood that stole my heart.


This was our 2nd visit to this park. The first was my failed attempt at finding Patty Falls.
Even though I took the correct entrance this time I still had to text a friend for help finding the trail that would lead us to the falls.

I’m already looking forward to going back after all the leaves have changed.
The kids walked/ran ahead of me the majority of the time, so lots of back-of-the-head photos.

I love the way the trees seem to form a canopy over the trail. Looks like the setting for a fairytale.

Autumn is here

It was fairly warm and humid on Monday, but when your 5yr old insists on wearing gloves, you roll with it.

through the tunnel

Finally made it to Patty Falls and I was not disappointed.
The entire area is gorgeous!

Patty Falls

reach for the falls

We walked up and around to the bench so the kids could play and snack.
I wanted a better view of what I would call the gorge.

beautiful nature
little explorer boy Avalicious
The kids ran back down after they were done snacking.
I stayed on the bench, listening to the light trickle of the water, and admired the golden leaves on the trees.
Seems I have a thing for the sound of water…I love the sound of the waves at the beach, the sound of rain at night, and now I have Patty Falls. Told the kids we can check out Martindale Falls and Oak Falls next time.

bench view

golden leaves

Gave the option of finishing the loop on the trail or going back the way we came. Ava wanted to finish the trail, but Samuel and Kiah wanted to walk back. I think Kiah was able to talk her sister into going back by enticing her with petshop play by the lake.

They ran ahead again, knowing to follow the green dots on the posts.

children and nature

We took our time walking back. Stopping to look at flowers and trying to find leaves to take home.

fuzzy white flowers lil white flowers solo red leaf

Ava came back to walk with me and talk about all the weird looking trees we kept seeing along the trail, and the other two continued ahead of us.

hiking in black and white

We just kept on observing.

spider web and sunlight
The older this one gets the harder it is to photograph her. She’s constantly moving so I have to be all stealthy with it and capture moments like this.

pensive girl

This is a stunning view.
Life goals: a house with a view like this or walking distance to a view like this.

sky on the water sepia sunset

Ava wouldn’t let Samuel play with her petshops, so he went to the car and got his box of rocks.
I think he was trying to sneak one when she went to find something.

box of rocks

We stayed by the water for about two more hours.
We didn’t want to leave, but the sun was setting and we ran out of snacks.
The bonus was seeing this gorgeous sunset on the way home.
Photo credit goes to Ava.

sky on fire

I had no idea Ohio was this pretty!
I don’t remember visiting places like this as a child. I have been in complete awe with every park.
The kids have been having so much fun running around the trails, and seeing them happy makes me happy.

October should be just as exciting and even prettier with the leaves changing colors.