Motherhood Is Meeting The True You

Motherhood is…
exciting… stressful… overwhelming… eye-opening… confronting…

Motherhood is the most transforming, powerful, life-changing journey I have and will ever undertake. It brings me places I never thought I’d be, gives me daily opportunities to transform myself and confront my demons.

Motherhood is meeting the true you, under all the layers discovering what you kept hidden, what you forgot was there. Anger, strength, pain, power, grief, joy…

Motherhood is transitioning into a higher being. Not longer selfish little you, but mother. Always connected by love. Unconditionally.

About the author:
Belgian born parenting author and aspiring naturopath Laura Schuerwegen left her home country several years ago to discover a calmer African lifestyle for her family to enjoy. She blogs at Authentic Parenting ( and creates and sells resources for conscious people at Mindful Nurturing (


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