Motherhood Is

Motherhood Is


Motherhood is sitting on the couch with your kids in the dark, blankets wrapped around you, flashlights peering down onto the books for a late night slumber party.

Motherhood is feeling happy and sad that your toddler can fall asleep without needing to be rocked by you.

Motherhood is holding your 5yr old as she cries because she needs you to hold that space for her instead of trying to fix the problem.

Motherhood is being an advocate for your child even when your style of parenting isn’t the most popular.

Motherhood is that all-encompassing love. A love you never thought would be possible. A love that is so deep it makes your heart hurt sometimes.

Motherhood is going to bed at 3am, only to be up again at 5am because your child has vomited all over her bed and new pj’s.

Motherhood is taking joy in the mundane tasks of daily life, and in the next moment feeling frustrated by those same tasks.

Motherhood is sleeping with kid feet in your back because you co-sleep or because sometime during the night your bed was taken over by those little people who call you mom.

Motherhood is continuing to nurse your toddler because you know he/she still needs that connection with you more than you need them to wean.

Motherhood is watching JAWS with your 8yr old for the first time because she’s fascinated by sharks.

Motherhood is glamorous.

Motherhood is watching your kids and being in awe that your body created, grew, birthed, and nourished these little people.

Motherhood is being a part of one of the biggest tribes in the world.

Motherhood is discovering a you that you never knew existed.

Motherhood is the most challenging job in the world.

Motherhood is the most rewarding job in the world.

Motherhood is learning how to mother yourself.

Motherhood is realizing there will never be a more important job you can do than the work of raising human beings.


 With Mother’s Day coming up I thought it would be nice to do something a little different. Mother’s day has turned into Christmas in May and Motherhood is much much more than getting flowers or breakfast in bed. I thought it would be a great idea to feature a guest post on what MOTHERHOOD IS TO YOU each Friday of this month. Sounds great right!? Email me through the contact form with your guest post. I would like to have them in by Wednesday of each week to allow time for editing. I’ll need a short bio from you and you can include up to three photos in your post if you want.
If there is a lot of interest I’ll combine several posts into one each Friday.