1. It is so bittersweet witnessing the growth of our children. Sorry it was a hard day for you yesterday, I totally get it.

    I wish you all the best in 2016, wherever it takes you, and I look forward to following along.

    Kim recently posted…HelloMy Profile

    • Darcel

      Thanks, I wasn’t very productive on Monday, but that’s ok. I needed the day to chill. The rest of this week is going well.

  2. “My determination is bigger than my fear and that’s why I keep putting myself out there.”

    LOVE this quote! Praying that your fears continue to be overshadowed by your determination, my friend! So glad you know you through blogging and IG and look forward to seeing all the good to come in your life this year. :)

    xo Lisa
    Lisa recently posted…of beanies and books…My Profile

  3. Nicole

    YAY!! Love it and wish you blessings upon blessings upon blessings for 2016 and beyond. Miss you and its always great to hear how things are moving!

    • Darcel

      Nicole! I haven’t seen you around the blogosphere in a long time. We should try to talk soon. I know things are great on your end…I see you’ve been making waves.
      So happy for you :)

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