My Definition of Happiness

There is nothing like the sound of children laughing one of those full belly laughs.
I came out from the laundry room to this scene the other day. Ava said Samuel was torturing her…they were both laughing so hard. Samuel looks like he’s taking a breather before he starts round 2 of sibling torture aka tickling.


Our little cactus garden survived the trip and each one is growing so well!
I’m greeted by warm sunlight and the amazing shadow it casts through my kitchen and living room every morning.
Loving the silhouette from the kids succulents. I’ll have to get a closeup to share, but need to clean out the spider webs first.

cacti and morning light

Every hospital and Dr’s office should have a fish tank.
Most of the time when we have to visit these places, it’s because we’re sick, having testing done, or visiting someone who is sick.
When Samuel had his pulmonologist appointment last week we stopped by this strategically placed fish tank right outside the lab.

fishtank - Copy justkeepswimming - Copy

Ava made a Lego Enderman for herself and Mario for Samuel.
She’s likes to watch minecraft videos and talk about it with her friends on Skype, but she’s hesitant to play the actual game often. I think if the kids can Skype with their friends while they play they would enjoy it more.
There’s a lot to learn with that game.

lego enderman and mario

Mitten Sparkles, my 4th kid.
Cats think everything is for them. A piece of paper on the floor, an empty box, running bath water, an open dryer with warm clothes. Basically, anything we do and everything we have is also for the cat.

She’s cute and we love her.
Even though she likes to knock her food all over the floor and chase it before she’ll eat it.

Mitten Sparkles my4thkid

I started this gorgeous Alluvial Plains shawl in June, two weeks before we moved. It was a KAL, but I ended up having to frog it a week before the move. I was thinking knitting would help calm my nerves with the big move coming up. Ha! I will never do something like that again. I put it down for almost two months. I picked it back up a few weeks ago and I’m almost finished with it.

How fabulous is that hot pink yarn?!


The pattern is easy to remember and so much fun to knit. I’m already thinking of what colors I want for the next shawl, and thinking of starting a 2nd project, probably a cowl.
Gotta get my fall wardrobe in order.


Besides everything I mentioned above, being able to stay home with my kids makes me extremely happy. I love watching them learn and grow. I enjoy the flexibility we have. We can stay home on sunny days because we can go out whenever we feel like it, or hit the museums on rainy days. Doing “nothing” and still having a full day because there isn’t a set time for learning in our home.

Figuring out what my next step is, combining passion and skill, and making it into a solid business.

Some of my friends joke with me and say I’m high maintenance, and I will admit that I have my Diva moments.
But at my core, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

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