My Fabulous May Sponsors

I want to give a warm welcome to my newest sponsors for the month of May.
Each one of these women is amazing in her own right. I am impressed with the passion they have for the work they do, and have enjoyed seeing the impact they’re making in the world with their gifts and talents.

The English Schoolhouse:

tmw-maysponsor-the english schoolhouse
The English Schoolhouse is a boutique publishing house based in Texas and run in Italy.

Dr. Tamara Pizzoli is a native of Killeen, Texas who now splits her time between Italy, America & her imagination. She is the mom of two of the most fantastic people on Earth, Noah and Milo, and lives creatively.

That means she does whatever she finds interesting, worthwhile, and fun…writing books for kids, writing books for adults, hanging out, cooking, making documentaries and films, writing curriculum, producing, painting, and whatever else seems like a great idea.

Listen to her most recent book, The Ghanaian Goldilocks, and get a peek at the amazing illustrations on YouTube.


Montoya Digital Marketing:

Montoya Digital Marketing

Gwen works with micro and small business owners who are passionate self-starters.

Although she’s worked for a few big companies over the years, her passion has always been working with small businesses.
Montoya Digital Marketing can provide a full range of services, from consultation and minor suggestions and edits, to doing everything for you, so you don’t even need to think about SEO, social networking, written presentation of your business via blog posts, etc.

SEO & digital marketing are more than just the technical aspects – it is all about making your website as user-friendly as possible and then making sure your customers (current and future) connect with what you are offering.


My Pretty Brown Doll:


Yolonda Jordan is the woman behind the hook of these gorgeous and unique dolls.
She learned how to crochet from her great Aunt at the age of seven, stopped for quite a few years and then picked it back up around 2010.

She crocheted her first doll simply to see if she could do it, and chose to make her brown because she wanted a doll that looked more like her.
Little did she know so many others would want the same thing.

The goal of Pretty Brown Doll {PBD} is to create quality handmade dolls that express the pretty in every shade of brown!


If you would like to have your business/blog featured on The Mahogany Way, please contact me to discuss my affordable rates, and how we can work together.