1. If the case had been switched and it was a black man who killed a white teen, the situation would have been way different. People who say this isn’t related to racism are living in a dreamland. This case is all about race. What does this tell black children? smh…

  2. As I told a man on another post when he accused me of not looking at the case objectively: Objectivity is a luxury people of color cannot afford. That is for people who have never been followed in a retail store, pulled over while driving a car that is a bit too nice, or confronted while walking through a suburban neighborhood.

  3. Even though my response is to work to change the laws, write the letters, sign the petitions, etc, what really must change is the belief that it is “reasonable” for a man who is older and bigger, and started a confrontation to begin with, to be so afraid and suspicious of a kid walking that he suposedly fears grave bodily harm or death. I am commited now more than ever to confronting racism because until those racist attitudes become unreasonable in the heart and mind of the majority the laws won’t matter. especially as they are currently written. Doesn’t mean I’m not still writting letters and signing petitions but I’m also praying and working to change attitudes as well.

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