• Darcel

      Glad my list and links can be of some help.
      There are so many amazing resources available….each link leads to more and more!

  1. My older son has Sensory Processing disorder and OT was a wonderful help. It definitely gave us “more tools for our toolbox” in parenting and problem solving.
    I ended up writing this long thank you letter to his therapist when he met his goals.

    My son is 14 now (he went to OT when he was around 7), and knowing the things we learned in OT we (he and I/his dad) can talk about how his body is feeling and what he might need at any given time. He’s getting better about expressing his needs/concerns, too.

    So, yeah. Occupational Therapists rock.

  2. I meant to add, if you haven’t read the “Out-of-Sync” child books, they have good ideas for activities depending on whether you need heavy work or other things.
    We found that as much as my son dislikes unpredictable things, he LOVES the body impacts from roller coasters. The first ride is scary for him (not knowing how it’ll turn, etc), but going on it several times makes him feel really good – from all the banging and jerking around. Amusement parks are a blessing and a curse for kids on the spectrum, so we have to spend time there thoughtfully.
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    • Darcel

      I started reading that book a couple years ago and have been meaning to pick it up again.
      We haven’t been to a big amusement park yet, but we visited the local Carnival last summer and she loved the little Dragon roller coaster.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with OT. My oldest went when she was around 6. I wonder if we should return. Her therapist mostly focused on fine motor skills which was the intent of the sessions, but it sounds like it would have helped for some of her out of balance moments. I’m not sure, but just thinking aloud after reading your post.
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    • Darcel

      Couldn’t hurt to look into.
      K loved the heavy work exercises the most. They had a nice size gym with all sorts of cool toys.

  4. Please keep writing. I have a 10yr old son with adhd/aspergers and its been tough to find support from people who truly understand….especially within the Blk community. Your post was informative and helpful. Dont stop!!

  5. OT’s can really be a lifesaver. They know exactly how to rehab or train those fine motor skills that can be really hard to deal with. Thanks for sharing.

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