October’s Beauty

I’ve fallen in love with October.
The transition from summer to fall is a beautiful, seamless dance for mother nature.


Seeing the gold, orange, red, and green leaves against the blue sky.
The contrast of the dark trees against all those bright colors…it’s beautiful.

I can’t get over how quickly the leaves have changed in only two weeks.

The way the sunlight and shadows fall along the trails, and the sound and feel of leaves crunching under my feet.


Watching my kids find and collect leaves, picking up what is the prettiest and best leaf in their mind.

sunangel giantleaf

October’s beauty is breathtaking.


We took our time.
Stopping to collect more leaves and watch what they were calling a shower of leaves falling to the ground.


Sometimes we would hang out in one spot for 30mins or more, and I did not mind one bit.


Watching them observe.


Being comfortable enough to venture off without me.



I just want to sit in a comfy chair with a big cup of coffee, my knitting, and this view.

patty falls

“The leaves are all falling, and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground.”

― Andrea Gibson


goldensunlight sunontheleaves
Don’t worry, its only a small drop to the bottom she says


It’s like our own Enchanted Forest.


Samuel was not impressed with the Martindale Falls.
this is not the biggest and greatest waterfall I’ve ever seen

I liked it and the area surrounding the falls is beautiful. After seeing this one I can say Patty Falls is my favorite and this one comes in 2nd, but we still have Oak Falls to check out in the next few weeks.


This place was made for climbing and exploring.
Kiah assured me they would be careful and help each other up and down the hill.


Resting, taking in the sights and sounds.


Pretend fishing…

Ava spotted a bird’s nest and said it was a good thing she was looking up or we never would’ve seen it.


I imagine the Shire from Lord of The Rings being just a few steps past those trees in the middle.


The girls were walking across this bridge and suddenly stopped. ” come take a picture of this. it’s reaaalllyyyy pretty on this side. don’t take a picture of the other side cause it’s scary and ugly looking.”

bridge isthistheshire

The sky is on fire…


Even after 4-5hrs of hiking, they still weren’t ready to go home.

Who wouldn’t want to sit and enjoy that view for as long as possible?