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This past weekend was my first kid-free weekend in TWO YEARS!
My parents kept my crew for me from Friday evening to Sunday evening so I could rest and rejuvenate.

I was trying to decide what to do with myself Saturday since the weather was
G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. We’ve lived in the Virginia each area for five years and I’ve never been to the beach by myself, so I fixed that.
I had a moment where I missed the kids being there with me, especially watching the other kids run up and down the beach…but I got over that real quick!
We can all go back on another warm day.

The shawl came off my needles last night and I think I’m supposed to block it?
Since spring has taken a hiatus – it looks like I’ll get some use out of it.
It’s so light and squishy! Added it to Ravelry.

Started spinning again and I’m already trying to decide what to make out of this yarn.
I still have a ways to go….this batch is definitely thinner than my first.
Nearing the end of A Life in Stitches and feeling kinda sad about it.
This has been a great read for me…the chapters are short and I love the way Rachael tells the stories of how she knit her way through so many circumstances in her life.

Joining Ginny.

p.s. I could use some input on what to do with my etsy shop.
I am thinking of starting all over, new name, new focus. Not sure if I should make things(cowls, boot cuffs, hairbows) to sell from my handspun yarn, make little stuffed animals for kids, dye and spin my own yarn to sell.

What do you think?

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  1. You don’t have to block your shawl but if there is a lot of garter stitch it’s a good idea. You can shape it however you want while it’s damp. Your spinning is looking great! I’m glad you got to enjoy some alone time this weekend. It feels so weird doesn’t it? I am still trying to get used to being “without child” as mine is in college now. I really enjoy all the “me” time, but I do miss her bunches.
    Donna recently posted…Yarn AlongMy Profile

    1. I was trying to think of where I could set it if I decide to block it. I’ll have to leave it overnight in my room with the door shut so the cat doesn’t get to it.

  2. Love your beach picture! Your shawl is fabulous! Your spinning is looking wonderful!

    1. Thank you!

  3. How do you like spindling? I have not been able to get the hang of it; at first I thought it was the weight of my spindle (I made my own out of a dowel and a wooden toy wheel) but I got a real one & I still can’t seem to keep it spinning. I can only get anything done at all by parking and drafting. I’m almost finished saving up for a spinning wheel, but I’d like to get the hang of the spindle too… xo
    meghann recently posted…in progress :: 13 | 52My Profile

    1. I really like my drop spindle. I watched several videos on YouTube for weeks before I worked up the courage to actually try it out. I still can’t keep it spinning as long as some of these ladies who’ve been at it for a while.

  4. Love that beach picture and totally get it about relishing time alone as I was a single mom years ago with a 4 yo boy. It was such a treat to have time to myself but I always felt a little guilty. Now he’s a grown man! Your shawl is gorgeous! I knit a similar one last year which I lightly blocked on the kitchen table, however, I don’t have any indoor pets to worry about…
    Lisa recently posted…10 on Tuesday…the April Fool’s EditionMy Profile

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