on my needles




I started reading A Train In Winter a few days ago. I’m having a little trouble getting into it. I wish that year of French I took in highschool was more helpful to me right now.
As I’m reading I keep stopping wondering if I’m pronouncing some of the words right….I’ve decided I’m probably not, but it would make the book flow better if I could.

I was browsing Pinterest Saturday and found NobleKnits – a knitting blog. After digging through their yarn shop(they have really nice and mostly expensive yarns)and the blog I found this shawl pattern.

I decided to give it a go. Learning how to knit in the front and back was a little tricky at first, but I have it mastered now, after 4 days of knitting this shawl. Ava has claimed it as hers….naturally Kiah wants one. She picked the same rainbow yarn that I’m using for her skirt.

The pattern called for size 17 needles and the biggest I have are 15. I don’t care much for that endless tinking sound the needles make as I’m knitting, but it’s been fun working with the bigger needles.
I should be ready to cast off sometime today.

Thinking of trying a lace pattern next. I’ve been browsing Ravelry and Pinterest like a mad woman looking for the perfect beginners lace pattern. I’m starting my Christmas knitting….any suggestions?

Oh, I almost forgot….would you like to knit or crochet for Emily’s hats for hope?

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along.