on my needles

I started this shawl last week and haven’t touched it since. The plan is to work on it a little every day from here on. I’m using this pattern on size 15 needles…it’s really easy and I like trying it with different size needles and yarn. This time it’s a lace weight recycled wool yarn. You know how I feel about the color pink and this is soooo soft and pretty! It’s going to be a beautiful shawl when it’s done but I can’t even estimate when that will be. Felt like it took forever to get that little triangle done.  I can tell you it will be perfect to drape over you while reading or something to throw on when your headed out but don’t want to fuss with a jacket, and it will fold down small enough to keep in your purse.


Like my new ChiaoGoo knitting needles? I wanted a pair of straight 11’s and these were too adorable to pass up. I’m working on a hat with them right now but I forgot to take a picture. I’ll have one for you next time. I also finished the purple shawl I started a while back but no pictures of that either. I’m such a slacker.


You can see my etsy shop at the bottom of the blog now. I love how whenever I renew an item or add something new it updates automatically.

Sooo….what’s on your needles?