on my needles

It’s Wednesday again already?  This week is flying by!  I’ve cast on for another cowl….actually I’m not done casting on yet. It’s Red Heart Spring Green. We’ve been enjoying  spring weather all week and I’m loving it. I figured why not another cowl, people in Australia are starting winter, or maybe someone in Russia will see it and buy it. I’m thinking a knit and purl checker board pattern would pop well in this shade of green, and it’s simple enough to pick up and knit whenever.

on my needles

Everyone is raving about wool dryer balls and I just so happened to have some wool yarn lying around, so I figured we could give them a try. I read this post and this one on making them. I don’t have any essential oil but I’m sure they’ll work just fine without it. All I need to do is wash and dry them.


I’m slowly making progress on my pink shawl. We were at the Dr’s office Monday and while I was knitting the shawl, this group of women came up to me and asked me to show them how to knit. So I did , and I also directed them to knittinghelp.com and told them they could find more videos for learning how to knit on YouTube  One woman said I should teach classes and I quickly assured her that I was not THAT good and had only been knitting for a year. I did tell them they could grab needles and worsted weight yarn from any of the nearby craft stores, and to start with size 7 or 8 needles.

What have you been creating?