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I actually made yarn! The spinning process is so much fun, and I really like this drop spindle. I watched several videos on YouTube and they were very helpful. I didn’t worry about it being thick or thin. The only problem I have is learning how to knit with it. I’ve started and ripped out several different projects…they just haven’t looked the way I want them to. I think I’m going to try this yarn on my size 17 needles – I have a feeling I’m going to like the look of the yarn on much bigger needles.

I actually typed into Google ‘how to knit with handspun yarn’ and found this post helpful.
I’ve started to spin the other roving called Baby It’s Cold Outside and I can tell it’s going to be beautiful. I’m making sure to use smaller strands as I spin this time. I love the chunky thick and thin of what I have now, but wanted to try something different this time. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

As for reading, A Life in Stitches is on its way to me, but I can’t decide between the other two.  Has anyone read them?
Respect The Spindle Spinning Yarn.

Joining Ginny.


I wanted to take a moment to introduce my new sponsors for this month.

DaybreakDyeworks The yarn I’m spinning and knitting with came from Daybreak Dyeworks.
I asked Dawn to share a little about her life and how she started her business. This is what she had to say.

“I am a wife to a wonderful man, and a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of three. I’m originally from New Orleans, but have been living in Denver for 5 years now. I enjoy reading, video gaming, knitting and spinning, love a good laugh, and I’m a BIG saints fan!

I started my business nearly a year ago, after I had completely fallen in love with spinning and dyeing. I love creating things by hand and the idea of taking a raw fleece all the way through to completed garment just fascinated me! I feel like the creation that happens in that process is quite similar to life’s journey, and it’s always exciting to see it through to the end. Ultimately though, I always hoped to be able to work from home, doing something that my children could do alongside me. Fiber arts ended up becoming quite a passion of mine, so this seemed like the perfect idea (although there’s probably as many dyers as there are needs of sheep)! I want to expand well beyond just spinning and dyeing though, eventually being able to teach others these skills and having this be a means of re-investing in my local community.”

fun and baubles

“Hello, please call me Ekatrina. I am a single mother, homeschool graduate, PhD student, blogger, and online shop owner. If that sounds like a lot, you’re right!
I have a habit of adding another ball to juggle anytime I have a down moment, and then never relinquishing anything I’ve started.

I have two Etsy Shops, Fun and Baubles and CardsArtandGifts.
Fun and Baubles gives me a showcase for my handmade jewelry, as well as an excuse to poke around estate sales and second-hand shops for vintage treasures to share.
CardsArtandCrafts currently contains cards and posters featuring vintage illustrations I have cleaned up and printed out for your modern enjoyment.

You can follow me on my blog to read my thoughts on the little things that make up the froth and bubble of ordinary life. You can expect to find reviews, DIY projects, and my favorite vintage books.”


“One of the biggest myths is that Birth Plans actually give options and choices. ”

Nicole has always been a passionate force in the birth world, especially in the Black Birthing Community. She is offering what I know is going to be a fantastic 6- part webinar series on The Birth Plan Myth.


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