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  a life in stitches on my needles with mitten-sparkles

 I finally decided what to knit with my handspun yarn.  This yarn has been a cowl on several different needles, boot cuffs, and a long scarf.
I was almost finished with the scarf  Tuesday but I didn’t absolutely love it. I figured it’s been ripped so many times that one more wouldn’t hurt.
The more I ripped played with the yarn the softer it got. This yarn is going to make a really warm pair of fingerless gloves. I’ve already started on the other one…and I’m excited that they will go with my red wool peacoat! I think pink and red match.

As you can see, I’ve started spinning my second batch(is that what it’s called, or is it a skein?) of  wool roving from Daybreak Dyeworks. I think I mentioned this last week, the colorway is called Baby it’s cold outside and it’s perfect for the weather we’re having right now, because it’s *very* cold outside. We’re supposed to get a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow today. They said it’s going to be in the 20’s but feel like it’s in the teens.
Doesn’t seem like the heat is keeping up with the cold air blowing through the cracks and crevices in our little apartment. I’m not looking forward to next months electric bill.

Brace yourselves for this next part…I’m actually reading that book! This.is.HUGE.
I was able to get up to page 17 with only two interruptions the first day. Let me tell you how much I loooove this book. For starters, I’m at a place in my life where I can’t bear to read anything too heavy or intellectual. I need something breezy with short chapters. A Life in Stitches appears to be that book for me.
The cover has a Soule Mamaish feel to it. I’m really enjoying the way Rachael tells the stories from her childhood-learning how to knit-and now I’m reading about her first apartment…how she started using sweaters from the goodwill to recycle yarn so she could knit. I feel like I’m right there with her in these stories.
I also like the chapter names: Casting On, Wrap and Turn, Blanket Stitch, etc…

Joining Ginny.

What’s on your needles this week?

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  1. it is so very cold here in pa, and more snow is on the way. love your knitting and now to check out the book you are reading!!
    karen recently posted…Currently on the NeedlesMy Profile

    1. Karen, I think you would enjoy this book.

  2. I’m so glad the spinning is going well! The cowl will be lovely, I’m sure!
    Erin @ Wild Whispers recently posted…{Yarn Along} A Last SkeinMy Profile

  3. Thank you for the book recommendation! I’ve added it to my order-from-the-library list.
    Debbie in London recently posted…grey daysMy Profile

  4. I’ve never spun…I admire those who do. And to create a garment from wool you’ve spun? Oh my! What a thrill that must be. 🙂 Our snow is mostly melted as temps have warmed the past few days. We keep a fire in our woodstove which keeps down on the electric bill for sure. Hope yours isn’t too painful! 🙂

    Thanks for the book recommendation! ~Lisa

  5. It is so wonderful that you can knit. My mother had knitted my daughters beautiful sweaters, hats and blankets but i feel like that is a thing of the past. Your loved ones will treasure it. Love from SITS
    Christine Ardigo recently posted…How to Enjoy your Vacation Without Gaining any WeightMy Profile

  6. Sounds like the kind of book I could use right now. I am too scattered to concentrate on anything heavy. Hand warmers are a lovely choice for your first hand spun. And I see a big difference in the second skein you are spinning. Definitely more consistent. You are doing wonderful!
    Donna recently posted…Yarn AlongMy Profile

  7. my daughter just started knitting – it was rough at first, but she’s really taken to it and loves it now! So fun to see what a person can come up with! Stopping by from #sitsblogging
    darcie recently posted…The Small and Mite-YMy Profile

  8. Glad your spinning is going well! I once learned how to knit. I totally forget now! Someday, I tell ya. I’ll get back to it. 🙂 Love from SITS!
    Crystal recently posted…Pledge to Support a Book on Blogging by Some Bloggers!My Profile

  9. I love to knit and crochet it’s so relaxing. I think it’s so neat that you are spinning your own yarn! Showing love #SITS
    Cynthia Banessa recently posted…Valentine’s Day Candy PopsMy Profile

  10. I can’t wait to see the fingerless gloves. That yarn is so pretty. Thanks for the book recommendation, it is now on my wish list.
    CathieJ recently posted…Olympic Yarn AlongMy Profile

  11. I haven’t been knitted in awhile but my daughter started to learn recently and it’s so sweet how she tries so hard. I am helping as much as I can. Used to love knitting and it’s always been a very calming activity for me 🙂
    Delia @ Blog Formatting recently posted…FREE training: 6 easy ways to plan your blog contentMy Profile

  12. That yarn is very pretty. I’m so impressed that you made it! How awesome!

  13. That thread is gorgeous! I bet it’s super soft too!

  14. Oooh, I love to knit!! I love to knit socks… To me, they are quick and I know that I will wear them once I am finished! Thank you for sharing!
    Cher @ Designs by Studio C recently posted…What is a Countersunk Screw and How Do You Do That?My Profile

  15. Sounds like a fun book, I’ll have to check and see if our library has it. I completely understand what you mean about pulling apart things you don’t love. I’ve been working on a crocheted gift and I keep taking it apart because it’s not just right. #SITSBlogging
    Dana Renee recently posted…Ettika Bracelet Review + Styling TipsMy Profile

  16. Oh, knitting is something I always wanted to learn. People say that it is so calming.
    Dana recently posted…Business Profile: Created Coastal – Handcrafted Shell ArtMy Profile

  17. Your yarn is so pretty and it looks so soft. I am so impressed that you spin your own yarn. #SITSBlogging
    Dena recently posted…A Few of My Favorite AppsMy Profile

  18. I love your yarn! I’ve been visiting so many crafty ladies that I’m seriously considering taking up knitting. Plus, my daughter wants to learn! Dee, visiting from SITS 🙂
    Dee recently posted…Fleur-de-Lis Serving TrayMy Profile

  19. I also like breezy, entertaining books these days – I want reading to be my escape! Fingerless gloves sound like a great idea for a project – I really need gloves like that! #SITSBlogging
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! recently posted…Friday Five: Five Things To Love About RunningMy Profile

  20. Oh, I’m impressed. I used to be a knitter, but due to rheumatoid arthritis, I can no longer knit. At least I was able to complete sweaters for each of my kids before they were born
    christine recently posted…Baked DonutsMy Profile

  21. Love the colors of your yarn. I enjoy knitting, but have not done it in a while. I always think I am too busy. You have inspired me to pick one of my many projects and finish it! I am here from #SITSBlogging!
    Cynthia L recently posted…Freezer Life of Meats and Seafood, Living Big on Less MoneyMy Profile

  22. I keep promising myself that I’ll learn to knit one day…
    That roll looks SO comfy and soft.
    Dani @ okdani.com recently posted…Welcome SITS Friends!!My Profile

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