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I had a few projects on my needles this week.

First: this pretty yarn in the top photo from Frolocking Feet in the Coneflower colorway.that I purchased last May.
I’m not loving this yarn for a cowl like I had originally planned… so I’ll probably end up ripping it and knitting a simple shawl (I made each of the kids one and wouldn’t mind having one for myself) or maybe a pair of fingerless gloves. Maybe I’ll knit these white rabbit wrist-ees for the girls.

Second: I was knitting a square shawl but after about 10 rows realized I was knitting the right side the wrong way, so I ripped it. Thinking I’ll start it again on size 13’s instead of the 15’s I was using.
That yarn came from Haute Knit Yarn.

Third: I’m working on a simple scarf for my little man in Patons wool. It will math his coat perfectly.

Slowly making my way through The Renaissance Soul. This is one of those life changing books and I don’t say that lightly.
Just started Smart but Scattered. Our occupational therapists recommended it.
I’m still in the beginning… feeling a little turned off by the authors tone but the reviews were really good so I’m going to keep reading for now. From what I understand, this book will help me to identify my executive functioning challenges so I can strengthen them to better understand and work with my child(ren).

Soooo… what’s on your needles/hooks this week?

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