Our Newport Aquarium Adventure

Last Friday we took a trip to the Newport Aquarium. They were having Family Days where you buy one adult ticket and two kids get in free. I only had to buy one child ticket and I’m all about deals like that!
I planned this trip at the beginning of February but didn’t tell them we were going until Thursday night.
And I may have hyped them about the aquarium being in another state but only an hour away from us.

The girls took a few pictures and I’ll caption those with their names.

We arrived just as a dive show was starting. There were two divers. One helping give the presentation and the other looks like he’s keeping guard in case the sharks get any ideas.


Photo by Ava
Photo by Ava

We watched the Albino Crocodiles swim around, and Samuel took advantage of the glass floor.
I think he eventually spread out on every one we walked across. He said he could see better that way.


Frogs were next. Samuel and Ava went to play in the playland and I stayed with Kiah to observe the frogs.


She wanted to see if she could spot at least one of every color tree frog in the exhibit.
I remember when she was little and loved watching Go Diego Go, and how much she loved the amphibian and reptile episodes. *sigh* they grow so fast!


She took these next two pictures. The first is of the Fire Belly Toad she was looking at in the first photo above.

Photo by Kiah

I forgot to get a picture of the description of this guy.

Photo by Kiah

Ava said the Sea Otters were her favorite because they’re cute and fast.

littlephotographer waitingfortheotter
Up close shot of Kiah’s skirt, leggings, and boots because I loved the colors together and the whole outfit was super cute.


We stopped to eat in the cafeteria and the food was really good.
They had a book filed with the ingredients list for every food the served so I was able to read everything for myself to order for Samuel. Loved that and wish more places would do it.

I captioned this photo ‘Ava and The Jellyfish on instagram and said it sounded like the name of a band.


We hung out here for a long time. There was a ‘catch the jellyfish’ game for the kids to play on one walls.
The Jellyfish were my favorite and I may have gotten a little carried away with taking pictures of them.

The way the move is sooooo pretty!

jellyfish2 jellyfish3 jellyfishinblackandwhite

Upside down Jellyfish.


I forget the names of these crustaceans, but they were big.

Photo by Kiah

To the tunnels….


tunnelofsharks SamuelandtheSharks

Mother-daughter selfie while waiting for the Guitar Shark or Sharkray to swim by again.



Bubble window talk…


Shark watching in color and black and white because I couldn’t decide which one I liked more!

sharkwatching sharkwatchinginblackandwhite
We walked the shark bridge which was very underwhelming for me, but the kids loved it so much they went through the 2nd time without me.


Our last stop was the gift shop so they could pick out yet another stuffed animal.
We have a penguin, baby seal, and a sea otter.

I wish we could’ve walked around the square more, but it was cold on our way in and even colder and windy when we came out. Hoping we can go back when the weather is warmer so we can take a tour of the square and maybe walk around downtown.


Family shot before a Starbucks stop for me and the drive back home in crazy traffic.