random thoughts

I’m sitting in Starbucks enjoying a peppermint mocha with a pecan sticky bun, so good!
Trying to take better care of myself and that means getting time to myself whenever possible. I don’t know when it will happen again, so I make sure to enjoy it!

I’ve enjoyed NaBloPoMo so far and can’t believe I haven’t missed a day yet. I’m committed! It’s been fun for me even though I don’t get to sit and write when I want. I used to stay up late and do my writing then and I’ve also tried getting up in the morning before the kids. That hasn’t been happening because our sleep schedules are all messed up. Now Kiah is has some sort of virus, and I’ve been beyond tired these last two weeks, so I get to bed as soon as I can. I love to write and I’m glad to be back at it, even though doing it every day is a challenge.


Earlier this week I took pics of the kids playing and these two plants that have managed to withstand this wishy-washy weather we’ve been having. We’ve had some flurries today so I may need to bring them in. It’s officially cold in southern Virginia!

Isn’t it amazing how some things just survive no matter what? The red plant was dead for months and came back in late september. They were made that way I guess…. I feel that way about myself sometimes. Like I was made to survive anything no matter what. Other times I feel like I can’t make it through one more bad situation. I am not bragging when I say this, but I am one damn strong woman! I’ve endured some crazy, messed up stuff during my life. My friends used to call me Duracell and Coppertop because of my name, Darcel. It annoyed me at first, but I grew to embrace it and love it….cause I do keep going and going and going.

Not sure where that little rant came from, but I obviously needed to get that out.

Well, it’s time for me to get back to mothering. I really need to do this more often. I love hanging out with my girlfriends but equally love sitting alone with my thoughts.