My Sanctuary

my sanctuary

I love this room.

My parents moved out in November and I took over the lease. My dad came over one day last week and rearranged this room for me. Wish I could get a picture of the entire room. My computer desk is across from the couch. I did attempt to help him, but then Samuel started getting sleepy and falling out, so he went to sleep on me, and my dad told me to sit and relax while he did the work. I did put the couch against that wall over a week ago, so I did do something.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I wrote this post. When I wrote that I was in the midst of one of the deepest depressions in my life. Reading that had me in tears…at the time I really didn’t see a way out. It’s amazing to me how far we’ve come in a year. As you can see, there are no decorations on the walls, but there will be. I’ve lived the last 10years with no photos on the walls because we were constantly moving, and couldn’t even afford to decorate. No more! This is one place we will not be evicted from, and we will decorate this place…we will make it our own. This place is going to be home for a while.

I love the living room. You can only see part of it, and even if you could see all of it, it’s a small space according to our “bigger is better” society standards. That’s ok because this is mine and I love it. It’s perfect for us. The kids have plenty of room to play and draw in the floor, and last night we sat on the couch and watched the original ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’
I could sit and dwell on everything we don’t have, but that’s a waste of energy. We may not have everything that we want, or everything I think we should have, but we have every thing we need. I say that a lot, but it’s the truth.

The couch is littered with yarn and toys along the back. I can easily grab a knitting project while the kids play, Samuel sleeps on me, or watching a movie. The toys are there for Samuel because he changes what his favorite one is every week, or even every day!

We haven’t left the house in days . We’ve been settling in(and trying to get rid of this virus)the girls always in their room playing, Samuel taking advantage of the open space in the living room, and I’ve been moving stuff around and getting clothes sorted. If I didn’t need to go pay a few bills, return library books, or get groceries(and a magic eraser to remove crayon off the wall), I would happily stay right here in my sanctuary.