Short and Sweet







Does it rain every week where you are? Seems like we’ve had storms once or twice a week now for the past two months.

So we’ve had made up games.

The girls having to decipher what Samuel says sometimes. How is it they know, but I can’t figure it out?

New hairdos for all three kids. Fresh twists for the younger two and a touch up for the eldest dreadlocs.

Discussing human anatomy-again. And….
Dolphins.Sharks.Dinosaurs and their bones.

A Barbie Dvd from the library

Sherlock Holmes with the Husband after the kids went to bed last night.

Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups all to my self.

Learned how to make one when knitting and knit in the front and back. That means I’ve started a new project.

Two day internet break….didn’t even think that was possible!

Spending the rest of the evening relaxing and enjoying my family.

Joining Amanda for Weekending

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  1. The Laotian Commotion says: Reply

    Seattle just had a heat wave the last few days. You heard right “HEAT wave!”

    I adore that picture of older sis holding the sleeping toddler, so sweet!

  2. We keep having quick storms then sun. I love it! Their hair looks great!

  3. my favorite is keeping the candy to yourself 🙂 I still hide the GOOD stuff around here.

  4. What a bunch of cuties! We have a bit in common. Home/unschooling, love of the beach, and home birth! I invite you to visit my family at

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