Simple Merry Making

I made big plans for Christmas Prep this year, but I’m glad I stuck with Simple Merry Making. We were going to bake and decorate, A LOT!. I pinned all these cute projects, like simple brown wrapping paper, and found a dairy-egg free sugar cookie recipe for Samuel. I was unaware of how long it can take to recover from RSV, and my little prince is still recovering, and he has an ear infection, and possibly secondary pneumonia.
This winter can bite me!

I don’t expect it to look like Christmas here, I mean, everyone knows Southern Virginia doesn’t get a lot of snow. That’s fine. What’s not fine is 70 degree weather one day and then 30 the next! If that wasn’t enough… I’m tired of being puked on and wiping it up(Courtesy of Samuel). At least it’s on the wood floors and not the carpet in the bedrooms.

Christmas is in TWO DAYS!

I decided to work on some last-minute handmade gifts and they need to be finished by Christmas morning, so there’s time in-between mothering, cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking the kids to see Santa, and taking care of myself, right?

I’m actually really happy with the few things we did do this last week.

This was a gift from one of my homeschool co-op students.
It’s so pretty and it’s my favorite color! I put it on the tree soon as we came home that day.

personalized christmas ornament


I wish I could say that we made fresh glittered pinecones, but we didn’t. These have been up since last Christmas. I just untangled them and spread them out.

merry making: glittered pinecones

Glittered pinecones


We made pom poms! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and this was an activity that everyone enjoyed, even the cat.
Check out Bear & Lion for tutorials.

easy pom poms!

Every now and then we get behind a day or two on our advent calendar books, and sometimes I “accidentally” forget a third time so each child can catch up a book and then hang it on the tree.

advent calendar books/ornaments


I dropped the kids off at my parents for a few hours so I could finish my Christmas shopping. It was heavenly to be out all alone, even with the crazy traffic, I took my time and went from one store to the next. I did get some simple wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree. I also picked up some ribbon to tie around the door to make it look like a present.
I hope it’s the little traditions like Christmas Eve presents of Pj’s and books that the kids remember.

I can’t wait to see the gifts all wrapped and under the tree.
My Christmas theme this year is Simple Beauty, and I think I’ve accomplished that with our decorating, the presents I’m giving, and my overall attitude about the Holidays this year.