1. Thanks for sharing. It’s been almost a year and half since I lost my husband,and I am still not finding my single mama groove. I hate it, I’ve yet to experience the feeling of being a super single mom, it eludes me. I keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, what other choice do we have, right?
    It looks like I need to make some playlists and dance.
    Thanks for your inspiration!
    Erica @ Childorganics recently posted…Mamatography 2014- Week 2: DramaMy Profile

    • Darcel

      Hey Erica, I didn’t know you lost your husband. I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the feelings entangled with trying to take care of yourself and the kids. Yes, make a playlist and use it every day! Music really helps lift me up.

  2. Hi! I just read the email that I’m in your “tribe.” 🙂 This is such a great, encouraging post… not just for single moms but for every woman who feels she just can’t be “enough.” I’m definitely going to share it on FB, as I know at least two beautiful, strong ladies who have voiced that thought just this week. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you better.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Thoughts About Love on Martin Luther King Jr. DayMy Profile

    • Darcel

      Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Every mother has been there wondering if she’s enough, and it will suck the life out of you. Thanks for sharing on FBV! Looking forward to connecting with you through our new tribe.

  3. Hi Darcel,

    My name is Malia and I’m a member of your SITS blog tribe this year.

    I love the honest in your post. It’s so true. Some days are easy and some are really hard but, at the end of the day, we just have to do what’s most important and let the rest go. We have so much to be grateful for – it’s not worth stressing over the small stuff.

    I’m excited to follow your blog!!

    Malia {Playdough to Plato} recently posted…Math Game: How Many Are Missing?My Profile

  4. I completely agree with every statement that you’ve made in this post. As a fellow single mom, I tend to think I can do it all and I’ve learned to sometimes let things go. I’ve stopped driving myself nuts trying to clean up every night before I go to sleep. I take advantage of that extra time to get some sleep. I’ve leaned on my friends and family for support during the good times and the bad times. They inspire me and keep me going. I treasure all the moments with my son – I get up and sing and dance with him during his shows, even though I am incredibly busy. I take time out where I do nothing at all – no school, no blogging, no TV – and we sit and play with his toys together. It has made it so much easier to deal with the every day. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!
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    • Darcel

      Hey Natasha, settling our minds and doing nothing is really really hard! We’re not going to get everything done anyway, so we may as well learn to let go and actually enjoy the life we’re creating and living.

  5. Darcel, you are amazing mama! And it’s so true – we will never get it all done. It’s so much weight off of our shoulders when we realize that… I was recently thinking about how my “to-do” list is usually the ONE thing I have to do next (and I’m getting much better at prioritizing what that should actually be!) and superfluous things like “organize the closet” are just not even on my radar.

    Your kids are so incredibly lucky to have you as a mom – I’ve been enjoying getting to know you and now I have another excuse to get to know you even better!
    Susan recently posted…On the Same PageMy Profile

  6. Hey Darcel! This is a great post and a great reminder. I don’t think any mom can get it all done. You just have to focus on what is important at any given time and go with it. Just like everything else in life some days/moments are better than others.

    Glad to be in the same tribe with you.
    Latonya recently posted…Five Minute Friday: EncouragementMy Profile

  7. What a great, encouraging post! Much of what you shared I have felt, even though I’m not a single mom. Unfortunately I think the feeling of not being enough is a universal mom thing which is something we all need to let go.

    I have to say that I have a HUGE respect for you and the other single moms that I know!

    I’m thrilled to be a part of your SITS tribe!
    Megan @ EducationPossible.com recently posted…Simple Science: Catapults and TrajectoryMy Profile

  8. Nobody finishes everything.. there is always gonna be something on that To-Do List. I definitely agree that sometimes you just have to let the laundry sit there in order to allow for some “you” time, and to keep your sanity. I recently read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, and she talks exactly to this topic. There was a quote that was in there that stuck with me – It’s better to be done than perfect. As a perfectionist here, I want all things to be done perfect, the house to be spotless, the blog perfect, the company work done above expectations, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. And that is ok. 🙂 #SITSBlogging
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