Six Beautiful Things


It’s actually been cold here the last couple of days…only in the 30’s for the high today. That’s cold for Virginia. I’m a northern girl so I can handle it.
That didn’t stop me from standing outside admiring the last bits of Fall.

full moon

Remember the full moon last week? I think every living creature was acting out some version of wild…I know my kids were. It took everything I had in me not to loose it on several occasions,
Then there were times where it just wasn’t that easy.


I always get excited when I come across or am introduced to books for my brown girls. Nikki and Deja may wind up as Christmas Eve presents this year. They are inexpensive and the stories are pretty good.
We’re using two separate cards at the library for checking out books. The girls had there own last summer before we had to move from Porstmouth, but they said they didn’t want any for this library just yet, so I have one and Samuel has the other. 25 books/books on cd/dvds per card. We fill one up every single time we go and put the rest on the other card. The kids do like to carry parts of their own stacks, instead of carrying 35 books by myself I’m only carrying 25. Gotta look at the bright side!

c0-op grounds

This one is just because I thought the scenery was pretty. These are the grounds at our homeschool co-op.

Dr Seuss

Samuel has been on a Dr Seuss kick lately. He calls them Cat In The Hat Books, and he doesn’t like the cat, he says he’s always causing trouble.
He’s been bringing me as many as he can get of the bookshelf.


I liked the pink and brown in this one. I’ve fallen in love with chunky yarn and big needles.
Wow, that pink is really bright! I love it.


What beautiful things are you surrounded by lately?