1. I like these 6 favorite things! I am with you on LOST too! We don’t have television up in Sequoia when we are home, but we are visiting family in upstate NY and my MIL and I are on a LOST frenzy. Dang, if there aren’t 120 episodes though. Don’t think we will get through them. I would have to add “netflix” lack of commercials to your list :) Take good care!

    • Darcel ~ MahoganyWayMama

      Ohh…what season of LOST are you on? I get so excited when I come across another fan of the show.

      • We are still on season 1, episode 15. I saw parts of it when it was on tv, but my MIL has never seen it and she is hooked! I love to hear her gasp and exclaim when something new pops up, which is constantly. We are planning a whole day of LOST-fest with popcorn in front of the tv before I go home! It makes me want to live on an island. I also will wear sturdy hiking boots when I fly over the Pacific! :)

        • Darcel ~ MahoganyWayMama

          There’s so much that I forgot about, and there are parts where I’m in complete shock. Enjoy your LOST Marathon!

  2. I watched Lost the first season and then something (I have no idea what) happened and I quit watching it…

    Now I’m totally in to The Walking Dead but the last few episodes have left me yawning, I hope they pull it together soon.

    Toddlers in rain (mud) always fun!

    • Darcel ~ MahoganyWayMama

      I love The Walking Dead. Didn’t think it was for me at first, but I gave it another shot one night when I was feeling crappy. I suggest giving LOST another shot if you liked it before.

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