Snapshots: Daily Life

20130809_160559 2ndcupofcoffee knitting-green Kiahdrawing picfromava 20130816_120806-1 20130814_185211 LPSplay

1. Our first tomato finally sprouted about a week ago. I’m come to realize that a gardener I am not….and I’m perfectly ok with that. We still have fun with the process.

2. My 2nd cup of coffee. I was struggling to wake up that day.

3. Picking up the knitting needles again. Feels great to knit for my pleasure again. It’s a seed stitch cowl I started months ago.

4. Kiah was excited to show me the drawing she made all by herself. Of course I took a picture of it! She’s very proud that she’s learning to read more. She gets frustrated easily about mixing up the letters and numbers, but I’ve assured her it’s ok, and the best way to get better is to keep practicing and having fun with it.

5. The next day Ava made a card while I was out. When I came back home she came running out the door, telling to check the mailbox. My dad said she asked him to write ‘it’s from’ on a piece of paper for her. He later found out why.

6. My new hair. Pink makes me happy, but pink in my hair? Loooooove it! The sun was in my allergy eyes…..just focus on the hair and earrings. I get lots of compliments on them. Ended up getting Benadryl and eye drops a couple of days later.

7. My view while waiting in a traffic jam.

8. Littlest Pet Shop play.


What have you been up to lately?