So far today…

This morning I showed the girls how to slide down the steps in their pillow cases. Nakiah loved it, she giggled all the way down. Ava, not so much. I remember when me and my brother would slide down the steps in our sleeping bags when we were little.

The girls have helped me clean up the house a bit. They love helping me wipes down the tables. They can’t wait to do laundry with me this weekend.

We made Jello. That’s always fun. Ava poured the mix, I poured the hot water and Nakiah poured the cold. Then we all take turns stirring.
Nakiah has asked me at least 10 times now if the Jello is ready. It should be ready soon.

Ava wanted to watch wheels on the bus on youtube. I set that up for her and that turned into watching several of the videos from our playlist.
Nakiah watched Popeye and The Pink Panther. I loved the Pink Panther when I was a little girl. I had a huge stuffed one.

Then we read Dora’s Valentine Adventures, Rupert Polly & Daisy, Girls Potty Book, Pooh’s Birthday Surprise, Rain, Wheels on the bus.

We played outside for a bit, but decided it was too hot.
Our friends came over to play. That’s where all 4 girls are now. Playing dress up and cooking with the kitchen.