Sponsor Spotlight: Montoya Digital Marketing

Today I’m sharing little more about Gwen from Montoya Digital Marketing.

Montoya Digital Marketing. Your Voice. Your Story. Amplified

As a single mom of two girls, I understand how precious our time with our children is and how quickly they grow up. That’s why I choose to work primarily with other mom business owners to make their marketing efforts more streamlined and effective. There is a big world out there and balancing home and business is a real challenge we face every day.

As a small business consultant, I offer clear explanations, new perspectives, a sense of humor and 20 years’ experience in small business marketing. I’m especially excited about digital marketing (search engine optimization, social media, blogging, etc.) and how it can vastly expand a business’ reach in an extremely cost-effective way.

I work with passionate women business owners who want to take control of their marketing, but need guidance along the way. I work with my clients using both month-long programs (my “Marketing Makeover” and “Social Media Makeover” programs are very popular) as well as project based work for specific jobs. Many of my clients come back for follow-up sessions because they find the one-on-one work invaluable.

One of my recent clients even wrote a blog post about what she learned after working with me!
10 Things I Learned From My Web and Social Media Guru.


I’m really moving more towards the overall digital marketing consulting – Either as a one-off (or more) consult or as a month-long (or longer) program. I told someone I’m working with that I’m like the gateway drug for having confidence to market yourself. Because confidence and understanding your value is huge!

I see so many women trying to be the mom and the business owner and they get overwhelmed. Asking for help is a huge step, so I try to respect that. I also keep running into really smart, talented women who are making big marketing mistakes because they don’t know any better.

SEO/marketing people don’t care about the client’s time/emotional well-being and life coach types don’t have a useful marketing background (although I’m obviously not a life coach! But stuff comes up for sure!

I’m like the best girlfriend marketer – if you had a friend who was really into marketing and would meet you for a cup of coffee, explain how everything works, and then give you specific custom-tailored info *just* for your business – that’s what I do.


This is my second time working with Gwen, and let me tell ya, she knows her stuff!
I had the chance to speak with her on the phone a little over a week ago, and she helped me with more than SEO. Gwen helped me build confidence to grow as a business woman, in branding myself, and using my voice through writing. I really could see myself sitting down to coffee with her.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been at this for a while, Gwen can meet you where you are and help you build from there. Check her out at Montoya Digital Marketing.