Summer Lovin’

I’ve had to find a new happy place since there are no beaches in Ohio…the gardens and metro parks seem to be getting the job done. Not sure what I’m going to do in the winter when there’s a ton of snow on the ground.

We visited Wegerzyn Gardens in July. It’s free and so far we’ve only seen the Children’s Discovery Garden.
I’m thinking we’ll go back sometime this month to explore the rest of the gardens,  and probably in the fall when the leaves are changing.

fillthewateringcan checkers


We met one of my friends for her birthday and she snapped several photos of me. I was unaware that she was taking them, but I’m glad she did because I love them!
Most of the pictures I have of myself are selfies, so it’s nice to have these.

These two are my favorites.

walkinginsunlight meatwegerzengardens

I’ve always loved pink and red roses, but I think pink lilies are my new favorite flower.
Aren’t they gorgeous?!


I even like the orange ones.


I need these kids to slow down with this whole growing up thing.


The kids had VBS at the end of July, and we had been running errands almost every day that week, but we had an hour to kill one day so we stopped at a park. It was 90 that day but they insisted.
The only time I left the shaded shelter was to snap these pictures of them, then I went right back to the shade. There was no breeze…I don’t know how they were tolerating being out in the sun like that.

childhood myloves

One day last week I took them to Englewood Metro Park.
The lady I spoke with on the phone told me there were waterfalls and a small playground for the kids, but she couldn’t tell me exactly how to get to either one.
I drove to an entrance and we walked around for a bit.
Definitely going back to this one in the next two months.

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This one wasn’t far from the Aullwood Nature Center.
I would love to visit at least two more of the metro parks before the weather turns too cold this year.
If not, I’ll put them on our list of activities to do next spring/summer.

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The last two months have been so chaotic productive, with the move, getting settled as best we can, exploring the city, church camp, and  VBS.
I have enjoyed all the things we’ve done since the move, but I’m looking forward to slowing down this month.

How’s your summer been?

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