Summer’s End

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We had a really great summer. This post has several of the highlights and I tried to keep up with posting our adventures as they were happening, but as you all know, its been a month since my last post…

I’m actually glad I was able to step away from this space and really be with my kids this summer.
A lot of changes have taken place in all of us. Some are visible but most of them are not.
It’s amazing how much we change and grow with each season.

We’ve been to picnics, back to school events, homeschool co-op meet and greet, friends and family day at our church, hiked old and new trails, and watched countless sunsets.

I was hoping things would slow down after August, but they haven’t – not sure what I was thinking there!
I have some new and exciting small businesses to share with you over the next two months.
Fall doesn’t look like it’s going to be less busy at all… bonfires, more hikes, girl scouts, apple picking, and I’m excited to see if this fall will be as pretty as last years.