1. Good for you for helping women out who need it.
    I was lucky enough to have straight-forward birth experiences, but I was just talking to a DAD the other day who was just as affected as his wife after a very hard experience when their son was born. It really takes a long time to heal from that, I think.

  2. kate

    Definitely needs to be recognised and addressed! My daughter was born by emergency caesarian 6 weeks premature. I feel upset sometimes as my husband is keen to try for a second baby but I still cant get these memories out of my head. He was not there for the birth and didnt meet our daughter until she was 7 months old so I feel he doesnt understand at all.

    • Darcel

      Kate, I was just talking to a friend about the same thing not too long ago. You’re probably right about him not understanding because he wasn’t there. Take the time you need to heal. It’s a process. Find or form a support group if you need to.

  3. I was so grateful to find myself carrying a viable pregnancy after 14 years of infertility that all I could hope for was to walk away at the end with a living baby. that in and of itself is traumatic- but your post highlights things that point to my birth trauma- specifically my completely unexpected breast feeding challenges. I still want to stand from a point of gratitude from the spiritual side of things (cause thats just me) but I recognize that I suffered postpartum. I wanted desperately to breastfeed and despite everything I did..lactation consultants, pumping, domperidone, teas. supplements..nothing worked. it certainly took a moment or two or three for us to get it together and for me to make peace with my situation. Positive and sensitive discussion as shared in your post is the way to go for healing to begin. thanks for doing the work you do. all women, everywhere benefit when we stand together and make our voices and experiences heard. p.s. you many not know it but you are one of my first blogging buddies and I appreciate you. be blessed.

    • Darcel

      I am so sorry for your struggle with breastfeeding. We have these ideas of how our life and mothering experiences will go and then life throws us a curve ball. We will make peace in our own time and sharing our stories helps our community.
      I’m so glad we’ve crossed paths in blogland.

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