• Darcel

      Hey Monica, I’m sorry for your loss. I imagine that’s been difficult for your family.
      It’s not easy and definitely not for everyone, but I think single parents can continue to homeschool with a supportive network.

    • Darcel

      Hey Donna, thanks for reading and commenting. I’m glad something I said encouraged you.
      I took a quick look at your photography website….gorgeous photos!

  1. Oh Darcel~
    I just love you & your spirit! This post made me smile. I don’t “know” you, but I get the opportunity to get a glimpse through your blog & facebook. You are an amazing strong and brilliant young woman. How very Blessed your beautiful children are to have you guide them through this crazy world. I think that when life has given me more than I can handle, & I find myself near a breaking point, I find an inner strength I didn’t realize I had. I have to believe that God has reasons and that He knows Im stronger than I know. Sometimes… when I see that something I went through has inspired or helped another, I realize the worth of my own pain.
    You have touched so many others… not only people that know you personally, but the hundreds of us that read your blog. You are so loved♥
    Thriving? You Bet! And we all are praying, rooting & sending positive energy to watch you continue to thrive♥

    • Darcel

      Thank you so much, Janis.
      When I write posts like this I always worry that I’m oversharing and I don’t like that feeling because it makes me vulnerable. Enduring the pain is probably the hardest part….but like you mentioned in the comment, it helps others, and that always leaves me feeling good.

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