Five Activities For Sensory Seekers

Do you have a sensory seeking child? If so,  they probably enjoy getting really messy. I’ve had parents ask how I can stand to let my kids play in the mud and get so dirty. I don’t want to get down and dirty like that, but my kids absolutely love it and it washes off with soap […]

Overwhelmed… Mostly In A Good Way

I tried not to let it happen. I’ve even said no to several opportunities, because even though I feel like superwoman, I have come to accept that I am not. The good thing to come out of this overwhelmingness(I know it’s not a real word)is that I am learning the art of time management. I […]

When Your Child Is Diagnosed With Aspergers

It’s been 16 days since I sat on the suede brown couch in the Dr’s office while Samuel played with legos, and the Dr went over the results of Nakiah’s ADHD test. He showed me the computer test she did and went over the paperwork I filled out and submitted. We went back into the […]