This Life

By  9:15pm the kids had dinner and dessert. By the time I was able to sit down and eat my food was cold. Sometimes I think that’s a requirement of motherhood….’must eat after everyone else and food must be cold.’ I enjoyed sitting in the car for about 45 minutes. I had planned on calling […]

Spring Fever

There were two days this week where it was in the 60’s and 70’s….it gave me Spring Fever. We took the kids to the beach(kinda weird since it snowed not too long ago) on the warmer of the two days. It’s been eight months or longer since we’ve been. Days later and I’m enjoying the […]

Weekending: beach and gardening

Saturday: After checking the forecast, I decided to take the kids to the beach after Kiah’s soccer game. She scored two goals! My good friend Dee and her crew met up with us. The beach we originally planned to meet at had no place for parking, so she suggested First Landing State Park. This is […]