Black History. Black Boy Joy and Black Girl Magic

It’s Black History Month, but 28 days isn’t near enough time to talk about all of the amazing men and women, past and present in the Black Community. Representation matters and in this house, we proudly celebrate Black Boy Joy and Black Girl Magic year round. Here is a roundup of books, blog posts, and subscription […]

Books To Talk With Children About Race And Black History

This is the number one question I’ve received several times over the last few months….’how do I talk to my children about race?’ It can be a touchy subject, but one that needs to be discussed. If you are of the thinking that you’ll teach your kids how to be colorblind – you are doing […]

Reports Say Black Women Don’t Breastfeed… #BlkBfing

I am so happy to share with you this list of black women who breastfeed! If you check the current data on black women and breastfeeding you’ll most likely find reports saying that we do not breastfeed, we have the lowest rates, we only breastfeed for 3-6 months, etc. I would like to know where […]