Reports Say Black Women Don’t Breastfeed… #BlkBfing

I am so happy to share with you this list of black women who breastfeed! If you check the current data on black women and breastfeeding you’ll most likely find reports saying that we do not breastfeed, we have the lowest rates, we only breastfeed for 3-6 months, etc. I would like to know where […]

#BlackBirth Blog Carnival Call For Submissions… Not Without Our Fathers

#BlackBirth… It is indeed a beautiful thing. And here with the Black Birth Blog Carnival we want to continue to celebrate it. The Black Birth Blog Carnival is hosted by Darcel of Mahoganyway Birth Café and Nicole Deggins blogging as Sista Midwife. We were so excited about the love, support, and feedback we received from […]

Black Birth Carnival Call For Submissions

There are many blogs, and many bloggers out, there talking birth. Some are bloggers who blog about birth occasionally, while others talk birth regularly. Regardless of the frequency, they blog about the statistics, the interventions and the cesareans. They talk about the good births, the bad births, breastfeeding, the postpartum period and more. They discuss […]