random thoughts

I’m sitting in Starbucks enjoying a peppermint mocha with a pecan sticky bun, so good! Trying to take better care of myself and that means getting time to myself whenever possible. I don’t know when it will happen again, so I make sure to enjoy it! I’ve enjoyed NaBloPoMo so far and can’t believe I […]

I don’t Know What To Write or Not Write

I think I have writers block. That or I’ve been super busy or super lazy. Let’s just go with a mixture of all three. The children are getting older and there’s so much floating around on the internet about protecting our children’s privacy. I share so much here, and I do think about how it will […]

Tid Bits of Our Daily Life & Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Let’s See….a little about us. I’m a mother to three children. I am passionate about and often write on Unschooling, Motherhood, Birth and Breastfeeding. I learned how to knit last year and fell in love. After some convincing I decided to start my Etsy shop last October. I’m looking forward to taking trips to one […]