A week of slow

I started the week off watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey and working on my cowl. Finally found the mustard yellow I’ve been wanting for months, and I love it! This is Big Twist Chunky wool blend from Joann Fabric, and I see it’s still on sale….may have to go grab several more skeins. I […]

The Last Twelve Days

Anyone else still having trouble settling into this new year? Seems like we’ve been going from one appointment to another for the last two weeks, and we’re just getting started. There’s the dentist, the allergist, the pulmonologist, and I’m getting ready to add the optometrist. I haven’t seen the sun in what feels like forever, […]

on my needles

I had a few projects on my needles this week. First: this pretty yarn in the top photo from Frolocking Feet in the Coneflower colorway.that I purchased last May. I’m not loving this yarn for a cowl like I had originally planned… so I’ll probably end up ripping it and knitting a simple shawl (I […]