Support For Traumatic Birth Experiences

*Warning* This post may contain triggers. What is a Traumatic Birth Experience?  It depends on the woman. Every women will have her own definition of what birth trauma is and every woman heals at her own pace. Here’s a short list of what can be classified as a traumatic birth experience. Your birth didn’t go as […]

Infertility in The Black Community. Maternal & Infant Mortality Around The World. Black With Postnatal Depression. Life As A Doula Twitter Chat

I’ve put a call out for maternity, birth, breastfeeding, mothering, newborn, infant, sibling photos to share for upcoming blog posts and to share on the Facebook wall. I’m looking mostly for women/men/babies/families of color but all are welcome to submit. I’ll always give credit back to you/your photographer. They don’t have to be professionals, I’ll […]

World Doula Week: Screening Doula!

Are you tired of all this talk about Doulas from me lately? No – that’s great! It’s World Doula Week. It started yesterday on the 22nd, which is also the Spring Equinox, which represents the return of fertility in many cultures around the world. So what is Word Doula Week all about?  It’s about raising […]

Project Bellies Birth And Babies: How You Can Help Reduce The Infant Mortality Rate

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in the birth business? I’ve been involved in birth work since the age of 17. I’m telling my age but that was nearly 18 years ago! My first experience was at the birth of my godson. After that, I kind of fell […]