Dressing Up With Fight Apparel

I am so excited to introduce you to Elise, the creator of Fight Apparel Designs. Her story is amazing and I admire the way she was able to turn the fight of her life into a business that encourages others. I’m Elise! I’m 32 + happily married with 3.5 year old boy/girl twins who are […]

Cards Art and Gifts: Vintage Children’s Posters

Have I mentioned how much I like vintage things? I especially like the look of vintage mixed with modern pieces. I’m slowly making this tiny apartment of ours a home by adding decor as finances allow. Ekatrina from CardsArtandGifts sent me these lovely posters for the girls room. Heidi and the Goats and Clara and […]

Eternal Girl: Henna Inspired Hand Drawn Jewelry

Over the last few years I’ve come to really appreciate the art of handmade items. For me, handmade always made me think of  grandma sitting on her porch with the cats and her cross stitch. Now I see that being creative isn’t just for those trained in a certain art form, and it definitely has […]

Halo Havenn: Winner Announced!

Long before I had children, way back when I was young enough to play house, my children were always girls. I would dress them in pretty dresses, skirts and hairbows. Fast forward 20+ years into the future and I’m the mother of two girls and a boy. I’m such a girly girl. My favorite color […]